Updated as per K & C 2000, January 19, 2005
Updated as per The Hawk Moths of the North America, 2007, James P. Tuttle (Sphinx to Lintneria); April 2009


Agrius cingulata from Rancho Grande, H. Pittier National Park, Venezuela
courtesy of Paolo Mazzei.

The tribe Sphingini belongs to the subfamily Sphinginae of the family Sphingidae. Click on the hypertext below to access files. The first "country" listed is the specimen type locality given by the "namer".

courtesy of Tony Pittaway

TRIBE SPHINGINI Latreille, [1802]

Sphingides Latreille, [1802], in Sonnini, Hist. nat. gen. particuliere Crustaces Insectes 3: 400.

Type genus: Sphinx Linnaeus, 1758.

A tribe comprising more than 150 species distributed throughout the Old and New World.

IMAGO: Forewing ground colour brown or grey, with numerous undulating crossbands. Hindwing usually with dark submarginal bands; central area yellow, brown or pink. Inner surface of second segment of labial palpus depressed with a naked area, or scaled and lacking this depression. Proboscis normally well developed and functional. Abdominal spines of variable length and arranged in several overlapping rows.

Genitalia: Male with uncus broad basally and with uncinate extension or a flat tip; gnathos absent, but if present, bilobate or entire, then both uncus and gnathos heavily sclerotized apically; sacculus variable, but with two pointed, straight or curved processes, or with extended, pectinate apical processes. Female with short or long ductus bursae, which is evenly broadened.

LARVA: Usually with several oblique lateral stripes, and smooth in the final instar. Horn usually present (except in Lapara).

PUPA: In those species with adults bearing an elongate proboscis, proboscis free from body. In species where the adult has a short proboscis, this is fused to body. Labrum displaced ventrally. Abdominal segments 5--7 bearing one or two spiracular furrows.

When pictures are available, a P precedes the name of the moth.

Genus: Agrius, Hubner, [1819]:

P Agrius cingulata Pink-spotted Hawkmoth (Fabricius, 1775) "America", Brazil to s. U.S.


Genus: Amphimoea, Rothschild & Jordan, 1903:

P Amphimoea walkeri Darwin Hawkmoth (Boisduval, [1875]), Guyana, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Belize, etc.
Amphonyx staudingeri Druce, 1888, Panama, is same as walkeri
Cocytius magnificus Rothschild, 1904, Guyana, is same as walkeri


Genus: Amphonyx, Poey, 1832:
P Amphonyx duponchel Duponchel's Sphinx (Poey, 1832), Cuba, Costa Rica
Amphonyx godarti (Boisduval, [1875]), Brazil, is same as duponchel
Amphonyx rivularis (Butler, 1875), Brazil, is same as duponchel; elevated to full species status
affinis Rothschild, 1894, Costa Rica, is same as duponchel
ab. roseus Gehlen, 1927, Brazil, is same as duponchel
P Amphonyx haxairei (Cadiou, 2006) Cuba
P Amphonyx jamaicensis Eitschberger, 2006 Jamaica
N Amphonyx kofleri Eitschberger, 2006 Hispaniola
P Amphonyx lucifer lucifer Rothschild and Jordan, 1903, Mexico
Cocytius lucifer lindneri Gehlen, 1944, Surninam, is same as C. l. lucifer
Cocytius macasensis B. P. Clark, 1922, Ecuador, is same as C. l. lucifer
misionum Kohler, 1924, is same as macasensis
P Amphonyx mephisto Haxaire & Vaglia 2003, south Brazil, Paraguay
P Amphonyx rivularis Butler, 1875 Brazil
P Amphonyx vitrinus Rothschild and Jordan, 1910, Cuba


Genus: Ceratomia, Harris, 1839:
Daremma Walker, 1856, is same as Ceratomia
Isogramma Rothschild & Jordan, 1903, is same as Ceratomia

Autogramma Jordan, 1946, is same as Ceratomia
P Ceratomia amyntor Elm Sphinx Moth (Geyer, [1835]) Pennsylvania, e. 2/3 U.S. & s. Canada
P Ceratomia catalpae Catalpa Sphinx Moth (Boisduval, [1875]) W. Virginia, eastern half of U.S.
P Ceratomia hageni Hagen's Sphinx Moth Grote, 1874 Texas, Michigan to Nebraska and south
P Ceratomia hoffmanni Mooser, 1942 Mexico
P Ceratomia sonorensis Sonoran Sphinx Moth Hodges, 1971 Arizona, Mexico
P Ceratomia undulosa Waved Sphinx Moth (Walker, 1856) Michigan
P Ceratomia undulosa polingi Clark, 1929 Mexico


Genus: Cocytius, Hubner, [1819]:
Amphonyx, Poey, 1832, is same as Cocytius
Ancistrognathus, Wallengren, 1858, is same as Cocytius

P Cocytius antaeus Giant Sphinx (Drury, 1773), Jamaica, Brazil to Texas to Florida
Sphinx iatrophae (Fabricius, 1775), "America", is same as antaeus
Sphinx hydaspus (Cramer, 1777), Surinam, is same as antaeus
Sphinx medor (Cramer, 1782), Surinam, is same as antaeus
Amphonyx tapayusa (Moore, 1883), Brazil, is same as antaeus
henrici Pinchon, 1969, Martinique, is same as antaeus
annonae (Shaw, 1802), is same as antaeus
P Cocytius beelzebuth (Boisduval, [1875]), Brazil
P Cocytius cluentius (Cramer, 1775), "West Indies", Mexico to Argentina; Antilles Neococytius
P Cocytius mortuorum Rothschild and Jordan, 1910, Brazil; Now Morcocytius mortuorum


Genus: Dolba, Walker, 1856:

P Dolba hyloeus (Blackalder Sphinx Moth) (Drury, 1773), New York, Georgia, Florida
Sphinx prini (J. E. Smith, 1797), Georgia, is same as Dolba hyloeus
hylaeus B. P. Clark, 1919, Georgia, is same as Dolba hyloeus
floridensis B. P. Clark, 1919, Florida, is same as Dolba hyloeus
Dolba schausi B. P. Clark, 1917, Colombia, is same as Dolba hyloeus


Genus: Dolbogene, Rothschild & Jordan, 1903:

P Dolbogene igualana (Schaus, 1932), Mexico
P Dolbogene hartwegii (Butler, 1875), Mexico
manni B. P. Clark, 1917, Mexico, is same as Dolbogene hartwegii
Dolba clarki (Hoffmann, 1924), Mexico, is same as Dolbogene hartwegii

Genus: Euryglottis, Boisduval, [1875]:

P Euryglottis albostigmata albostigmata Rothschild, [1895], Colombia
N Euryglottis albostigmata basalis Rothschild & Jordan, 1903, Peru
P Euryglottis aper (Walker, 1856), Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
P Euryglottis davidianus Dognin, 1891, Ecuador, Peru
P Euryglottis dognini Rothschild, 1896, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela
P Euryglottis guttiventris Rothschild & Jordan, 1903, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina
P Euryglottis johannes Eitschberger, 1998, Venezuela
P Euryglottis oliver Eitschberger, 1998, Peru

Genus: Isoparce, Rothschild & Jordan, 1903:

P Isoparce cupressi Cypress or Baldcypress Sphinx (Boisduval, [1875]) Georgia, Maryland to Texas
P Isoparce broui Brou's Sphinx Eitschberger, 2001 Mexico


Genus: Lapara, Walker, 1856:

P Lapara bombycoides Northern Pine Sphinx Walker, 1856 Canada, New Jersey - North Carolina,
Nova Scotia - Saskatchewan
P Lapara coniferarum Southern Pine Sphinx (J. E. Smith, 1797) Georgia, New Jersey to Florida, west to Mississippi
N Lapara halicarnie (Strecker, 1880), Florida
P Lapara phaeobrachycerous Gulf Pine Sphinx Vernon A. Brou, 1994 Louisiana, southeastern U.S.


Genus: Lintneria, Butler, 1876 :
N Lintneria arthuri (Rothschild, 1897), Bolivia
P Lintneria aurigutta (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Peru
P Lintneria balsae (Schaus, 1932), Mexico
P Lintneria biolleyi (Schaus, 1912), Costa Rica, Guatemala
P Lintneria eremitoides (Sage Sphinx) (Strecker, 1874) Kansas
P Lintneria eremitus (Hermit Sphinx Moth) (Hübner, [1823]) McCreary, Manitoba
P Lintneria geminus (Gemmed Sphinx Moth) (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Mexico, Nicaragua
P Lintneria istar (Istar Sphinx Moth) (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Guatemala
N Lintneria justiciae (Walker, 1856), Brazil
P Lintneria lugens Walker, 1856, Mexico, Nicaragua
P Lintneria maura (Burmeister, 1879), Argentina
P Lintneria merops merops (Boisduval, 1870), Honduras, western S. America to Mexico
Sphinx merops judsoni Schaus, 1932, Ecuador, is same as merops
P Lintneria phalerata (Kernbach, 1955), Argentina
N Lintneria pitzahuac (Mooser, 1948), Mexico
P Lintneria porioni (Cadiou, 1995), Peru
N Lintneria praelongus (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Honduras
N Lintneria pseudostigmatica (Gehlen, 1928), Mexico
P Lintneria separatus (Separated Sphinx ) (Neumoegen, 1885), Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Mexico
P Lintneria smithi (Smith's Sphinx) (Cadiou, 1998), Mexico, New Mexico
P Lintneria tricolor (B. P. Clark, 1923), Dominica
N Lintneria xantus (Cary, 1963), Mexico


Genus: Manduca, Hubner, [1807]:
Phlegethontius, Hubner, 1819, is same as Manduca
Protoparce, Burmeister, 1855, is same as Manduca
Macrosila, Walker, 1856, is same as Manduca
Syzgia, Grote & Robinson, 1865, is same as Manduca
Diludia, Grote & Robinson, 1865, is same as Manduca
Chlaenogramma, J. B. Smith, 1887, is same as Manduca

P Manduca afflicta afflicta (Grote, 1865), Cuba
N Manduca afflicta bahamensis (B. P. clark, 1916), Bahamas
P Manduca albiplaga (Walker, 1856), Brazil
Protoparce f. exacta Gehlen, 1928, Peru, is same as Manduca albiplaga
N Manduca albolineata (Gehlen, 1935), Peru
P Manduca andicola (Rothschild & Jordan, 1916), Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia
P Manduca armatipes (Rothschild & Jordan, 1916), Argentina, Bolivia
P Manduca azteca (Mooser, 1942), Mexico
P Manduca barnesi (B. P. Clark, 1916), Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico
Manduca holcombi (Mooser, 1942), Mexico, is same as Manduca barnesi
P Manduca bergamatipes (B. P. Clark, 1927), Argentina
P Manduca bergi (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Argentina
P Manduca blackburni Blackburn's Sphinx Moth (Butler, 1880), Hawaii
P Manduca boliviana (B. P. Clark, 1923), Bolivia
P Manduca brasiliensis (Jordan, 1911), Brazil
P Manduca brontes brontes (Drury, 1773), Jamiaca, Cuba
Macrosila collaris (Walker, 1856), Jamaica, is same as Manduca brontes brontes
P M. b. cubensis (Grote, 1865), Cuba, is elevated to subspecies status, Kitching and Cadiou, 2000
P Manduca brontes haitiensis (B. P. Clark, 1916), Haiti, Dominican Republic
N Manduca brontes pamphilius (Cramer, 1782), Surinam
Manduca brontes smythi (B. P. Clark, 1919), Puerto Rico, is same as Manduca brontes pamphilius
P Manduca brunalba (B. P. Clark, 1929), Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, French Guiana, Bolivia
Protoparce centrosplendens (Gehlen, 1940), Peru, is same as Manduca brunalba
P Manduca camposi (Schaus, 1932), Ecuador
P Manduca caribbeus (Cary, 1952), Haiti
N Manduca chinchilla (Gehlen, 1942), Peru
P Manduca clarki (Rothschild & Jordan, 1916), Brazil
P Manduca contracta (Butler, 1875), Bolivia
Sphinx panaquire (Berg, 1885), Argentina, is same as contracta
Protoparce argentina (B. P. Clark, 1926), Argentina, is same as contracta
Protoparce exiguus (Gehlen, 1942), Uruguay, is same as contracta
P Manduca corallina (Druce, 1883), Mexico, Costa Rica
P Manduca corumbensis (B. P. Clark, 1920), Brazil: Mato Grosso; Mato Grosso do Sul
P Manduca dalica anthina (Jordan, 1911), Brazil
P Manduca dalica dalica (Kirby, 1877), ?, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica
Phlegethontius garleppi Rothschild, 1895, Peru, is same as Manduca dalica dalica
P Manduca diffissa tropicalis (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Guyana
P Manduca diffissa petuniae (Boisduval, [1875]), Brazil
P Manduca diffissa diffissa (Butler, 1871), Argentina
Protoparce ochracea (B. P. Clark, 1927), Argentina, is same as diffissa diffissa
P Manduca diffissa mesosa (Rothschild & Jordan, 1916), Argentina
P Manduca diffissa zischkai (Kernbach, 1952), Bolivia
P Manduca dilucida (H. Edwards, 1887), Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela?
Manduca duquefi, Haxaire & Vaglia, 2007, French Guiana
N Manduca empusa (Kernbach, 1965), Venezuela
P Manduca extrema (Gehlen, 1926), Bolivia
N Manduca feronia (Kernbach, 1968), Brazil
P Manduca florestan (Cramer, 1782), Surinam, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina
Diludia brevimargo (Butler, 1875), Brazil, is same as Manduca florestan
Protoparce ishkal (Schaus, 1932), Mexico, is same as Manduca florestan
Protoparce cabnal (Schaus, 1932), Mexico, is same as Manduca florestan
Protoparce argentinica (Danieal, 1949), Argentina, is same as Manduca florestan
Protoparce f. vogli (Danieal, 1949), Venezuela, is same as Manduca florestan
Manduca maricina (Schaus, [1941]), Venezuela
P Manduca fosteri (Rothschild & Jordan, 1906), Paraguay
Manduca grandis (Daniel, 1949), Brazil, is same as Manduca fosteri
P Manduca franciscae (B. P. Clark, 1916), Venezuela
P Manduca gueneei (B. P. Clark, 1932), Brazil
P Manduca hannibal mayeri (Mooser, 1940), Mexico
P Manduca hannibal hannibal (Cramer, 1779), Surinam, Mexico to Brazil
P Manduca hannibal hamilcar (Boisduval, [1875]), Brazil, northeastern Argentina
Protoparce mayi (B. P. Clark, 1917), Brazil,is same as hamilcar
P Manduca huascara (Schaus, [1941]), Colombia
P Manduca incisa (Walker, 1856), Brazil
P Manduca janira (Jordan, 1911) southeastern Brazil.
P Manduca jasminearum (Guérin, [1832]) eastern U.S.
P Manduca johanni (Cary, 1958), Haiti, Dominican Republic
P Manduca jordani (Giacomelli, 1912), Argentina
N Manduca kuschei (B. P. Clark, 1916), Mexico
P Manduca lanuginosa (H. Edwards, 1887), Mexico
Protoparce hoffmanni (B. P. Clark, 1917), Mexico, is same as Manduca lanuginosa
Manduca crocala crocala (Druce, 1894), Honduras, is same as Manduca lanuginosa
Manduca crocala tepici (B. P. Clark, 1926), Mexico, is same as Manduca lanuginosa
P Manduca lefeburii (Guerin-Meneville, [1844]), Bolivia, Mexico to Brazil
N Manduca lefeburii bossardi (Gehlen, 1926), Mexico
P Manduca leucospila Rothschild & Jordan, 1903, Peru
P Manduca lichenea (Bermeister, 1855), Brazil: Minas Gerais to Rio Grande do Sul
Diludia rufescens Butler, 1875, Brazil, is same as Manduca lichenea
P Manduca lucetius lucetius (Cramer, 1780), Surinam
Manduca perplexa (Rothschild & Jordan, 1910), Brazil, is same as Manduca lucetius lucetius
P Manduca manducoides (Rothschild, 1894), Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
Protoparce breyeri Kohler, 1924, Argentina, is same as Manduca manducoides
P Manduca morelia (Druce, 1894), Mexico
Protoparce leucophila (Gehlen, 1931), Mexico, is same as morelia
P Manduca mossi (Jordan, 1912), Peru
P Manduca muscosa (Muscosa Sphinx Moth) (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Mexico
P Manduca neglecta Haxaire and Vaglia, 2006, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
P Manduca occulta (Occult Sphinx) (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Mexico
Protoparce pacifica (Mooser, 1940), Mexico, is same as occulta
P Manduca ochus (Klug, 1836), Mexico
Macrosila instita (Clemens, 1859), Honduras, is same as ochus
P Manduca pellenia (Herrich-Schaffer, [1854]), Tropical America
Sphinx capsici (Boisduval, [1875]), Colombia, is same as pellenia
P Manduca prestoni (Gehlen, 1926), Brazil
P Manduca quinquemaculatus (Haworth, 1803), U.K. (England)
Phlegethontius celeus (Hubner, 1821), ?, is same as quinquemaculatus
Protoparce ab. wirti (Schaus, 1927), U.S.A., Virginia, is same as quinquemaculatus
P Manduca reducta (Gehlen, 1930), Peru
P Manduca rustica rustica (Rustic Sphinx Moth) (Fabricius, 1775), America
Sphinx chionanthi (J. E. Smith, 1797), Georgia, is same as Manduca rustica rustica
Protoparce auriflua (Gehlen, 1930), ?, is same as Manduca rustica rustica
P Manduca rustica cortesi (Cary, 1963), Mexico
P Manduca rustica cubana (Wood, 1915), Cuba
Protoparce dominicana (Gehlen, 1928), Haiti, is same as Manduca rustica cubana
N Manduca rustica galapagensis (Holland, 1889), Galapagos Islands
Protoparce ab. nigra (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Galapagos Islands, is same as Manduca rustica galapagensis
Protoparce postscripta (B. P. Clark, 1926), Galapagos Islands, is same as Manduca rustica galapagensis
P Manduca rustica harterti (Rothschild, 1894), Bonaire
P Manduca schausi (B.P. Clark, 1919) Mexico to Bolivia and Brazil
P Manduca scutata scutata (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Venezuela
Protoparce henrici, (Gehlen, 1926), Bolivia, is same as scutata scutata
P Manduca sesquiplex opima (Rothschild & Jordan, 1916), Costa Rica
P Manduca sesquiplex sesquiplex (Boisduval, 1870), Mexico
Sphinx strix (Boisduval, 1870), ?, is same as Manduca sesquiplex sesquiplex
P Manduca sexta sexta (Linnaeus, 1764), U.S.A., "Carolina"
Sphinx carolina (Linnaeus, 1764), "Carolina" , U.S.A., is same as sexta sexta
Sphinx lycopersici (Boisduval, 1875), California, U.S.A., is same as sexta sexta
P Manduca sexta jamaicensis (Butler, 1877), Jamaica, Dominican Republic
P Manduca sexta luciae (Gehlen, 1928) Guadeloupe, Antilles equated with M. s. jamaicensis
Protoparce luciae (Gehlen, 1928), St. Lucia., is same as sexta jamaicensis
P Manduca sexta paphus (Cramer, 1779), Surinam, Brazil, Venezuela
Protoparce f. fuliginosa (Closs, 1911), Brazil, is same as sexta paphus
Protoparce griseata (Butler, 1875), Venezuela, is same as sexta paphus
Sphinx nicotianae (Boisduval, [1875]), Colombia, is same as sexta paphus
Manduca sexta peruviana (Bryk, 1953), Peru, is same as Manduca sexta paphus
N Manduca sexta leucoptera (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Galapagos Is.
P Manduca sexta caestri (Blanchard, 1854), Chile
Sphinx eurylochus (Philippi, 1860), Chile, is same as sexta caestri
N Manduca sexta saliensis (Kernbach, 1864), Argentina
N Manduca stuarti (Rothschild, 1894), Bolivia
P Manduca trimacula (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Colombia, Ecuador
P Manduca tucumana (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Argentina
P Manduca undata (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Costa Rica
Manduca cinerea (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Argentina, is same as Manduca undata
Manduca obscura (Clark, 1916), is same as Manduca undata
P Manduca vestalis (Jordan, 1917), Brazil, Venezuela
P Manduca violaalba (B. P Clark, 1922), Brazil
P Manduca wellingi Brou, 1984, Mexico

Genus: Nannoparce, Rothschild & Jordan, 1903:

P Nannoparce balsa Schaus, 1932 Mexico
P Nannoparce poeyi haterius (Druce, 1888), Mexico
P Nannoparce poeyi poeyi (Grote & Robinson, 1865), Cuba, Dominican Republic


Genus: Neococytius, Hodges, 1971:

P Neococytius cluentius (Cramer, 1775), West Indies


Genus: Neogene, Rothschild & Jordan, 1903:

N Neogene albescens B. P. Clark, 1929, Argentina
N Neogene carrerasi (Giacomelli, 1911), Argentina
N Neogene corumbensis B.P. Clark, 1922 Bolivia
P Neogene curitiba Jones, 1908, Brazil
N Neogene dynaeus dynaeus (Hubner, [1827] -[1831]), Brazil
N Neogene intermedia B. P. Clark, 1935, Paraguay
P Neogene pictus B. P. Clark, 1931, Paraguay, Argentina
P Neogene reevei (Druce, 1882), Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil
Sphinx baruta (Berg, 1883), Argentina, is same as Neogene reevei
Sphinx cossoides (Rothschild, 1894), Brazil, is same as Neogene reevei
minor B. P. Clark, 1938, Paraguay, is same as Neogene reevei
N Neogene steinbachi B. P. Clark, 1924, Bolivia


Genus: Paratrea, Grote, 1903:
Atreus Grote, 1886, used for Arachnids
Atreides Holland, 1903, is same as Paratrea
P Paratrea plebeja (Plebeian Sphinx Moth) (Fabricius, 1777), eastern U.S.A.


Genus: Sagenosema, Jordan, 1946:
Dictyosema Rothschild & Jordan, 1903, used for Pisces.

P Sagenosoma elsa (Elsa Sphinx Moth) (Strecker, [1878]) Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico


Genus: Sphinx, Linnaeus, 1758:
Spectrum Scopoli, 1777, is same as Sphinx
Herse Oken, 1815, (previously taken) is same as Sphinx
Hyloicus Hubner, 1819, is same as Sphinx
Lethia Hubner, 1819, is same as Sphinx
Herse Agassiz, 1846, is same as Sphinx
Lintneria Butler, 1877, is same as Sphinx
Mesosphinx Cockerell, 1920, is same as Sphinx

N Sphinx adumbrata (Dyar, 1912), Mexico
P Sphinx asellus (Asella Sphinx Moth) (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Colorado
P Sphinx canadensis (Canadian Sphinx) Boisduval, [1875] Quebec, eastern Canada and U.S.
P Sphinx chersis chersis (Northern Ash Sphinx Moth) (Hubner, [1823]), Massachusettes, U.S.A., Mexico
N Sphinx chersis mexicana (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Mexico
P Sphinx chisoya (Chisoya Sphinx) (Schaus, 1932), Mexico
P Sphinx dollii (Doll's Sphinx Moth) Neumoegen, 1881, Arizona
Sphinx dolli australis B.P. Clark, 1922, Mexico, is same as S. dollii
P Sphinx drupiferarum (Wild Cherry Sphinx Moth) J.E. Smith, 1797
P Sphinx franckii (Franck's Sphinx Moth) Neumoegen,1893, Missouri, eastern U.S.
P Sphinx gordius (Apple Sphinx Moth) Cramer, 1779 Virginia, eastern 2/3 U. S. into s. Canada
N Sphinx gordius oslari (Rothschild and Jordan, 1903),
P Sphinx kalmiae (Laurel Sphinx Moth) J.E. Smith, 1797 Georgia, eastern 1/3 U.S. and Canada
P Sphinx leucophaeata Clemens, 1859, Texas, northwestern Mexico
P Sphinx libocedrus (Incense cedar sphinx) Henry Edwards, 1881, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California, Mexico
N Sphinx libocedrus achotla Mooser, 1944 Mexico
P Sphinx luscitiosa (Clemen's Sphinx Moth) Clemens, 1859 Wisconsin, e. half U.S. and s. Canada
P Sphinx nogueirai Haxaire 2003, Sonora, Mexico
P Sphinx perelegans (Elegant Sphinx Moth) H. Edwards, 1874, California, Arizona
P Sphinx pinastri (Pine hawkmoth) Linnaeus, 1758 Europe, Pennsylvania
P Sphinx poecila Poecila Sphinx Stephens, 1828
P Sphinx sequoiae (Sequoia Sphinx) Boisduval, 1868, California
P Sphinx vashti (Snowberry Sphinx Moth) Strecker, [1878], Arizona

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