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The Achemon Sphinx, Eumorpha achemon courtesy of T. W. Davies.

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The tribe Philampelini belongs to the subfamily Macroglossinae of the family Sphingidae. Click on the hypertext below to access files. The first "country" listed is the specimen type locality indicated by the "namer".

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Genus: Eumorpha, Hubner, [1807]:
Pholus Hubner, [1819], is same as Eumorpha
Argeus Hubner, [1819], is same as Eumorpha
Dupo Hubner, [1819], is same as Eumorpha
Philampelus Harris, 1839, is same as Eumorpha

P Eumorpha achemon (Achemon Sphinx Moth) (Drury, 1773), U.S.A.
Sphinx crantor (Cramer, 1777), Jamaica, is same as Eumorpha achemon
Pholus trigon (Gehlen, 1926), Mexico, is same as Eumorpha achemon
P Eumorpha adamsi (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil
P Eumorpha analis (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
Eumorpha satellitia posticarius (Burmeister, 1878), Argentina, is same as Eumorpha analis
P Eumorpha anchemolus (Anchemola Sphinx Moth) (Cramer, 1779), Surinam, Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana
P Eumorpha capronnieri (Boisduval, [1875]), French Guiana, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina
P Eumorpha cissi (Schaufuss, 1870), Venezuela
Eumorpha vini, (Kirby, 1892) is same a s Eumorpha cissi
P Eumorpha drucei (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Ecuador
P Eumorpha eacus (Eacus Sphinx Moth) (Cramer, 1780), Surinam, Brazil to Mexico, Texas
Daphnis magaecus (Hubner, [1819]), ?, is same as properly classified Eumorpha megaeacus
P Eumorpha elisa (Smyth, 1901), Mexico, Guatemala
P Eumorpha fasciatus fasciatus (Banded Sphinx Moth) (Sulzer, 1776), "America", Venezuela, throughout North, Central and South America and the Carribean
Dupo jussieuae (Hubner, [1819]), ?, is same as Eumorpha fasciata fasciata
Sphinx strigilis (Vogel, 1822), New York, is same as Eumorpha fasciata fasciata
N Eumorpha fasciata tupaci (Kernbach, 1962), Galapagos Is.
P Eumorpha intermedia (Intermediate sphinx) (B. P. Clark, 1917) North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana,Texas.
P Eumorpha labruscae labruscae (Gaudy Sphinx Moth) (Linnaeus, 1758), "America", Venezuela, throughout North, Central and South America and the Carribean
Sphinx clotho (Fabricius, 1775), is same as Eumorpha labruscae labruscae
P Eumorpha labruscae yupanqui (Kernbach, 1962), Galapagos Islands
P Eumorpha megaeacus (Hubner, [1819]), Brazil, Ecuador, strays into North America
N Eumorpha mirificatus (Grote, 1875) Cuba, is elevated to full species status, Kitching and Cadiou, 2000
P Eumorpha neuburgeri (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Argentina, Bolivia
P Eumorpha obliquus guadelupensis (Chalumeau & Delplanque, 1974), Guadeloupe
P Eumorpha obliquus obliquus (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Bolivia
N Eumorpha obliquus orientalis (Daniel, 1949), Brazil
P Eumorpha pandorus (Pandorus Sphinx Moth) (Hubner, [1821]), U.S.A.
Philampelus ampelophaga (Walker, 1856), U.S.A., is same as Eumorpha pandorus
P Eumorpha phorbas (Cramer, 1775), Surinam, Venezuela
Sphinx pandion Stoll, 1780, Surinam, is same as Eumorpha phorbas
P Eumorpha satellitia posticatus (Grote, 1865), Cuba, Bahamas
P Eumorpha satellitia excessus (Gehlen, 1926), Brazil
Eumorpha satellitia rosea Brou, (1980), Brazil, is same as Eumorpha satellitia excessus
P Eumorpha satellitia satellitia (Satellite Sphinx Moth) (Linnaeus, 1771), Jamaica, West Indies, Cuba
P Eumorpha satellitia licaon (Cramer, 1776), West Indies, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia
Pholus f. cinnanomea (Closs, 1911), Cuba, is same as Eumorpha satellitia licaon
P Eumorpha strenua (Menetries, 1857), Haiti, Cuba, Dom. Rep.
Dupo domingonis (Rothschild, 1894), Dominican Republic, is same as Eumorpha strenua
P Eumorpha translineatus (Rothschild, 1895), Brazil, Bolivia
Pholus f. extinctus (Gehlen, 1926), Ecuador, is same as Eumorpha translineatus
P Eumorpha triangulum (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903), Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, possibly ?? Paraguay
P Eumorpha typhon (Typhon Sphinx Moth) (Klug, 1836), Mexico
P Eumorpha vitis hesperidum (Kirby, 1880), Jamaica
P Eumorpha vitis vitis (Vine sphinx Moth) (Linnaeus, 1758), "America", Virgin Is., St. Lucia, Brazil, Venezuela, throughout North, Central and South America and the Carribean
Philampelus hornbeckiana (Harris, 1839), Virgin Is., is same as Eumorpha vitis vitis
Philampelus linnei (Grote & Robinson, 1865), U.S.A., is same as Eumorpha vitis vitis
Pholus f. pallida (Closs, 1917), Brazil, is same as Eumorpha vitis vitis
P Eumorpha vitis fuscatus (Rothschild & Jordan, 1906) St. Lucia, Guadelupe, Martinique

Genus: Tinostoma, Rothschild & Jordan:

P Tinostoma smaragditis The Fabulous Green Sphinx of Kauai (Meyrick, 1899) Hawaii

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