David Bygott

David originally sent me (Bill Oehlke) several images of Saturniidae adults and larvae from Tanzania.

More recently he has sent some images of Sphingidae larvae from Tucson, Arizona.

Like me, David gets his images from a flatbed scanner, hoping the larva will remain still during the scanning process.

Of the three images below, David writes, "These were all imaged with a flatbed scanner. I like the depth and clarity of detail that it can give - as long as the beast stays very still!"

Eumorpha achemon, Tucson, Arizona, April, on grape vine

"Manduca rustica, Tucson, Arizona, November, on desert willow

"Hyles lineata, Tucson, Arizona, April

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I look forward to displaying more of David's images, moths/butterflies in any of the four stages (egg, larva, pupa/cocoon, adult) in the future.

I very much appreciate images and information about the moths and butterflies. My interests are with worldwide Saturniidae (silkmoths), Sphingidae (hawkmoths) of the Americas, North American Catocala and North American butterflies.

I am pleased to be able to display high quality electronic images (preferably in jpg format).

Please send images to Bill Oehlke