Sphingidae of Venezuela
Updated as per personal communication with María Esperanza Chacín; April 1, 2005
Updated as per personal communication with Paolo Mazzei (image and data submissions)
Updated as per personal communication with Manuela Leopardi; June 21, 2006
Updated as per Hawkmoths of the World Kitching and Cadiou, 2000; May 2011
Updated as per CATE Sphingidae, 2009; May 17, 2011
Updated as per personal communication with Jose Ramon Alvarez Corral; May 9, 2012; ongoing

Sphingidae of Venezuela

Pseudosphinx tetrio on Plumeria, Caracas, Venezuela,
June 21, 2006, courtesy of Manuela Leopardi

This checklist has been updated (April 1, 2005) to reflect the list provided from the work of María Esperanza Chacín as was recently sent to me at Hawkmoths of Venezuela (no longer available online). Additions to my original list and individual files are followed by MEC for María Esperanza Chacín.

I have used the nomenclature from Kitching and Cadiou 2000.

If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke at oehlkew@islandtelecom.com.

This page has been further updated (May 17, 2011) with links to thumbnail checklists. I am very interested in receiving digital images and data of Sphingidae and Saturniidae (adults, eggs, larvae, pupae, cocoons) with data (location, wingspan, foodplant, elevation, date).

All images that I use are credited to respective photographers and those images remain the property of the photographers. Data submissions are also acknowledged.

Paolo Mazzei has provided many beautiful images of hawkmoths from Venezuela.

Agrius cingulata from Rancho Grande, H. Pittier National Park, Venezuela,
courtesy of Paolo Mazzei.

I hope that over the next twenty years the site can be further refined to allow for the creation of state by state checklists for Venezuela.

Many thanks to those who have already submitted photos and information. The CATE Sphingidae site has been extremely helpful regarding descriptions and determinations. If there are mistakes on this site, they are my own. Bill Oehlke.

Many thanks to Jose Ramon Alvarez Corral who provides the following notes:
Euryglottis johannes, Merida: western Cordillera de Merida, 700m, February; Barinas: La Soledad, 1300m, February and May;
Morcocytius mortuorum, Amazonas;
Manduca huascara, Barinas; September;
Manduca lucetius, Bolivar;
Manduca schausi, Barinas;
Protambulyx eurycles, Barinas, Merida, Aragua, Amazonas, Bolivar;
Isognathus scyron, Bolivar;
Isognathus swainsoni, Bolivar;
Kloneus babayaga, Merida;
Nyceryx coffeae, Barinas, Merida;
Nyceryx magna, Barinas, Merida;
Nyceryx riscus, Barinas;
Nyceryx continua cratera, Bolivar;
Nyceryx stuarti, Barinas, Merida;
Nyceryx tacita, Barinas, Merida;
Pachylia syces, Barinas, Merida;
Eumorpha obliquus, Barinas;
Eumorpha phorbas, Bolivar, Amazon;
Xylophanes hannemanni, Barinas;
Xylophanes libya, Barinas;


Agrius cingulatus
Amphimoea walkeri
Cocytius antaeus
C. beelzebuth MEC
Cocytius duponchel
Cocytius lucifer
Euryglottis aper
Euryglottis dognini
Euryglottis johannes
Manduca albiplaga
M. corallina MEC
M. d. dalica
M. d. tropicalis
Manduca dilucida
Manduca empusa *1
Manduca extrema MEC
M. florestan
Manduca fosteri MEC
M. franciscae MEC
M. h. hannibal MEC
M. huascara JRA
M. lanuginosa MEC
M. l. lefeburi MEC
M. leucospila MEC
Manduca lichenea
Manduca lucetius JRA
Manduca ochus
Manduca perplexa *2
M. r. rustica
Manduca schausi JRA
Manduca scutata
M. s. paphus
M. trimacula MEC
Manduca vestalis
Morcocy. mortuorum JRA
Neococytius cluentius
Sphinx m. merops MEC

*1 Manduca empusa type location may be in error

*2 Manduca perplexa is now regarded as a synonym of Manduca lucetius


A. gannascus gannascus
A. palmeri MEC
Adhemaris sexoculatus
A. tigrina tigrina
A. ypsilon MEC
Protambulyx euryalus
Protam. eurycles JRA
Protambulyx goeldii
Protambulyx s. strigilis
P. sulphurea MEC


Aellopos clavipes
Aellopos fadus MEC
Aellopos titan titan
Aleuron carinata MEC
Aleuron chloroptera MEC
Aleuron iphis MEC
Aleuron neglectum MEC
Baniwa yavitensis ??
Callionima calliomenae
Call. denticulata MEC
Callionima falcifera MEC
Callionima inuus
Callionima nomius
Callionima pan pan
Callionima parce parce
Enyo gorgon MEC
Enyo lugubris lugubris
Enyo ocypete
Enyo taedium
Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis crameri
Erinnyis domingonis
Erinnyis ello ello
Erinnyis impunctata
Erinnyis lassauxi
Erinnyis obscura obscura
Erinnyis oenotrus
Eupy. corvus MEC
Eupyrrhoglossum sagra
Eupyrrhog. venustum
Hemeroplanes ornatus
H. triptolemus MEC
Isognathus allamandae
Isognathus c. caricae
Isognathus excelsior
Isognathus leachi
I. menechus MEC
I. mossi fabiane ?
I. rimosa papayae
Isogna. scyron JRA
Isogna. swainsoni JRA
Isognathus tepuyensis
Kloneus babayaga MEC
Madoryx b. bubastus
Madoryx oiclus oiclus
M. plutonius plutonius
Nyceryx coffeae JRA
Nyceryx cont. cratera JRA
Nyceryx ericea
Nyceryx hyposticta
Nyceryx magna JRA
Nyceryx maxwelli MEC
Nyceryx riscus JRA
Nyceryx stuarti JRA
Nyceryx tacita JRA
Oryba achemenides MEC
Oryba kadeni MEC
P. caliginosa MEC
Pachygonida subhamata
Pachylia darceta MEC
Pachylia ficus
Pachylia syces JRA
Pachylioides resumens
Perigonia ilus
Perigonia lusca
Perigonia pallida
Perigonia pittieri
Perigonia stulta
Phryxus caicus MEC
Pseudosphinx tetrio
Stolidoptera tachasara
Unzela japix MEC
Unzela pronoe MEC


Eumorpha adamsi
Eumorpha anchemolus
Eumorpha capronnieri
Eumorpha cissi
Eumorpha fasciata
Eumorpha labruscae
Eum. obliquus JRA
Eumorpha phorbas JRA
E. satellita licaon
Eumorpha triangulum
Eumorpha vitis


Hyles lineata
X. alvarezsierrai
X. a. amadis
X. amadis meridanus
Xylophanes anubus
Xylophanes aristor
X. ceratomioides
X. chiron nechus
Xylophanes clarki ??
Xylophanes crotonis JRA
Xylophanes elara
X. fernandezi MEC
X. fusimacula
X. germen yurakano
X. guianensis
X. hannemani JRA
X. haxairei MEC
Xylophanes libya MEC
Xylophanes loelia
X. macu. maculator
Xylophanes media MEC
Xylophanes neoptolemus
Xylophanes pistacina
Xylophanes ploetzi CATE
Xylophanes pluto
X. porcus continentalis
X. p. porcus MEC
Xylophanes pyrrhus
Xylophanes resta
Xylo. rhodochlora JRA
Xylophanes rufescens
Xylophanes sarae
Xylophanes schausi
Xylophanes tersa tersa
X. tersa chaconi MEC
Xylophanes thyelia
Xylophanes titana
Xylophanes turbata
Xylophanes tyndarus

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