Sphingidae of French Guiana

Agrius cingulata, courtesy of Paolo Mazzei.

This checklist has recently (April 1, 2005) been updated to reflect the list provided from the work of Jean Haxaire as published in Lambillionea, 2/VI/2005.

I have used the nomenclature from Kitching and Cadiou 2000.

If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke at oehlkew@islandtelecom.com.

On April 28, 2011, I compared the Haxaire listing with French Guiana Sytematics and have added the following species:

Manduca duquefi Haxaire & Vaglia, 2007 (reducta) from Massif du Mitaraka Sud; CATE lists this species from Guyane, Petit Barrage.

Hemaris fuciformis, ?, (Linnaeus, 1758) Remire, Pointe Mahury, à vue de jour, 2/V/2002, (M.Thouvenot), coll. F.Beneluz (Import ??)

I retain the following from Jean Haxaire's original list to me, but add the following notes.

Isognathus rimosa papayae is not included on the FG list; CATE lists it for Merida, Venezuela and indicates, "Unknown number and sex [French Guiana:] Cayenne (Année) [CMNH]; The type locality is doubtful. There is a syntype female in the CMNH that bears an additional label saying "Colomb." [Colombia], which may be the correct type location

Callionima falcifera is not included on the FG list: CATE as of 2009 continues to show French Guiana in red

Xylophanes ploetzi is not included on the FG list; CATE as of 2009 lists ploetzi for Venezuela: La Vuelta, Caura R.; and Guyana: Rio Demerera; and shows French Guina in red, supposedly indicating a known presence in that country.

I believe Manduca reducta was formerly thought to be in French Guiana, but duquefi has been found to be a distinct species, and replaces reducta outside of Ecuador and Peru.

* Eitschberger, 2002, split specimens previously listed as Adhemarius ypsilon into two species: true ypsilon and roessleri. One or the other, but not both, flies in French Guiana. Eitschberger indicates roessleri.


Agrius cingulata *
Amphimoea walkeri *
Amph. duponchel *
Amph. l. lucifer *
Cocytius antaeus *
C. beelzebuth *
Cocytius mortuorum *
Manduca albiplaga *
Manduca brunalba *
M. d. dalica *
M. dif. tropicalis *
Manduca duquefi *
M. florestan *
M. hann. hannibal *
M. huascara *
M. lefeburii *
M. leucospila *
M. lucetius *
M. prestoni *
M. reducta x
M. r. rustica *
M. s. paphus *
Manduca vestalis *
Neococyt. cluentius *


A. g. gannascus *
A. palmeri *
A. daphne daphne *
A. gagarini *
A. roessleri *
A. ypsilon *
Protamb. eurycles *
Protambulyx goeldii *
Protam. s. strigilis *
P. sulphurea *


Aellopos ceculus *
Aellopos fadus *
Aellopos titan titan *
Aleuron carinata *
Aleuron chloroptera *
Aleuron iphis *
Aleuron neglectum *
Callionima falcifera
Callionima inuus *
Callionima nomius *
Callionima pan pan *
Callionima p. parce *
Enyo cavifer *
Enyo gorgon *
Enyo l. lugubris *
Enyo ocypete *
Erinnyis alope *
Erinnyis crameri *
Erinnyis domingonis *
Erinnyis ello ello *
Erinnyis lassauxi *
Erinnyis o. obscura *
Erinnyis oenotrus *
Eupyrrhogl. sagra *
Hema. fuciformis imp.
Hemeropl. ornatus *
H. triptolemus *
Isognathus c. caricae *
Isognathus excelsior *
Isognathus leachi *
I. menechus *
I. occidentalis *
I. rimosa papayae
Isognathus scyron *
Isog. swainsoni *
Madoryx b. bubastus *
Madoryx o. oiclus *
M. p. plutonius *
Nyceryx coffeae *
Nyceryx ericea *
Nyceryx maxwelli *
Nyceryx riscus *
Nyceryx stuarti *
Nyceryx tacita *
Oryba achemenides *
Oryba kadeni *
P. caliginosa *
Pachylia darceta *
Pachylia ficus *
Pachylia syces syces *
Pachylio. resumens *
Perigonia ilus *
Perigonia lusca *
Perigonia pallida *
Perigonia stulta *
Phryxus caicus *
Pseudosphinx tetrio *
Unzela japix *
Unzela pronoe *


Eum. anchemolus *
Eum. capronnieri *
Eumorpha fasciatus *
Eumorpha labruscae *
Eum. megaeacus *
Eumorpha obliquus *
Eumorpha phorbas *
E. satellita licaon *
Eumorpha vitis *


Hyles livornica *
X. a. amadis *
Xylophanes anubus *
X. ceratomioides *
X. chiron nechus *
X. colinae *
Xylophanes elara *
X. epaphus *
X. fusimacula *
X. guianensis *
X. haxairei *
Xylophanes loelia *
Xylophanes media *
Xyl. neoptolemus *
Xyl. pistacina *
Xylophanes ploetzi
Xylophanes pluto *
X. po. continentalis *
Xyl. rufescens *
Xyl. tersa tersa *
Xylophanes thyelia *
Xylophanes titana *
Xylophanes tyndarus*

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Sphingini: Manduca
Sphingini: Agrius, Amphimoea, Cocytius, Amphonyx, Morcocytius, Pseudococytius
Smerinthini: Adhemarius and Protambulyx
Dilophonotini: Aleuron, Enyo, Pachygonidia and Unzela
Dilophonotini: Aellopos, Eupyrrhoglossum, Nyceryx and Perigonia
Dilophonotini: Callionima, Erinnyis, Hemeroplanes, Isognathus, Madoryx, Oryba, Pachylia, Pachylioides, Phryxus and Pseudosphinx
Philampelini: Eumorpha
Macroglossini: Hyles and Xylophanes

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