Sphingidae of Bolivia

Although I believe these "tribal" checklists contain only species within Bolivia, I fully expect there are omissions. If you have corrections to offer, please contact
Bill Oehlke at oehlkew@islandtelecom.com.

Bolivia is surrounded by Brazil to the Northeast, Peru to the Northwest and Chile, Argentina and Paraguay to the South.

Well represented by the various Sphingidae tribes, there are probably 180 to 210 different Sphingidae species indigenous to the country.

I am most thankful to Jean Haxaire for sending me an electronic copy of Faune de Bolivie, Lépidoptères Sphingidae, Ecologie et systématique.


Agrius cingulata
Amphimoea walkeri
Cocytius antaeus
Cocytius beelzebuth
Cocytius duponchel
Cocytius lucifer
Cocytius mortuorum
Euryglottis aper
Euryglottis dognini
Euryglottis guttiventris
Manduca albiplaga
Manduca andicola
Manduca armatipes
Manduca bergi
Manduca boliviana
Manduca brunalba
Manduca clarki
Manduca contracta
Manduca corumbensis
M. dalica dalica
M. diffissa mesosa
M. diffissa petuniae ?
M. diffissa tropicalis
M. diffissa zischkai
Manduca extrema
Manduca florestan
M. h. hannibal
Manduca incisa
Manduca jordani
Manduca lefeburei
Manduca leucospila
Manduca lucetius
Man. manducoides
Manduca mossi
Manduca neglecta
Manduca prestoni
Manduca reducta
M. rustica rustica
Manduca schausi
Manduca scutata
Man. sexta paphus
Manduca stuarti
Manduca trimacula
Manduca tucumana
Manduca vestalis
Neococytius cluentius
Neogene steinbachi
Neogene corumbensis
Sphinx arthuri
Sphinx aurigutta
Sphinx maura
Sphinx phalerata


Adhemarius dentoni
Adhemarius gagarini
A. gan. gannascus
Adhemarius palmeri
Adhemaris sexoculata
A. tigrinus tigrina
Adhemarius ypsilon
Orecta lycidas eos
Protam. astygonus
Protambulyx euryalus
Protambulyx eurycles
Protambulyx goeldii
Protam. ockendeni
Protam. s. strigilis
Protam. sulphurea


Aellopos ceculus
Aellopos fadus
A. tantalus tantalus
Aellopos titan titan
Aleuron carinata
Aleuron chloroptera
Aleuron cymographum
Aleuron iphis
Aleuron neglectum
Callionima acuta
C. grises. grisescens
Callionima inuus
Callionima nomius
Callionima pan
Callionima p. parce
Enyo bathus otiosus
Enyo cavifer
Enyo gorgon
Enyo lugubris
Enyo ocypete
Erinnyis alope
Erinnyis crameri
Erinnyis domingonis
Erinnyis ello ello
Erinnyis impunctata
Erinnyis lassauxi
Erinnyis o. obscura
Erinnyis oenotrus
Eupyrrho. sagra
Eupyrrho. corvus
Hemeroplanes diffusa
Hemeroplanes ornatus
Hemero. triptolemus
Isognathus c. caricae
Isognathus leachi
Isognathus menechus
Isognathus swainsoni
Madoryx b. bubastus
Madoryx oiclus oiclus
M. plutonius plutonius
Nyceryx a. alophus
Nyceryx coffeae
N. continua cratera
Nyceryx ericea
Nyceryx furtadoi
Nyceryx hyposticta
Nyceryx maxwelli
N. nictitans saturata
Nyceryx riscus
Nyceryx stuarti
Nyceryx tacita
Oryba achemenides
Oryba kadeni
Pachyg. caliginosa
Pachygonidia hopfferi
Pachygonidia martini
Pachylia ficus
Pachylia syces syces
Pachylia darceta
Pachylioides resumens
Perigonia grisea
Perigonia ilus
Perigonia lusca
Perigonia pallida
Perigonia passerina
Perigonia stulta
Phryxus caicus
Prot. rhodogaster
Pseudosphinx tetrio
Stolidoptera tachasara
Unzela japix japix
Unzela pronoë pronoë


Eumorpha adamsi
Eumorpha analis
Eumorpha anchemolus
Eumorpha capronnieri
Eumorpha cissi
Eumorpha fasciatus
Eumorpha labruscae
Eumorpha megaeacus
Eumorpha o. obliquus
Eumorpha neuburgeri
Eumorpha phorbas
E. satellita licaon
E. translineatus
Eumorpha triangulum
Eumorpha vitis


Hyles annei
Hyles lineata
X. amadis amadis
Xylophanes aglaor
Xylophanes anubus
X. ceratomioides
X. chiron nechus
Xylophanes cosmius
Xylophanes crotonis
Xylophanes docilis
Xylophanes dolius
Xylophanes elara
Xylophanes fassli
X. fusimacula
X. germen yurakano
X. guianensis
X. h. hannemanni
Xylophanes libya
Xylophanes lichyi
Xylophanes loelia
X. macasensis
X. macu. maculator
Xylophanes media
X. nabuchodonosor
Xylophanes pistacina
Xylophanes pluto
X. porcus continentalis
Xylophanes pyrrhus
Xylophanes resta
X. rhodochlora
Xylophanes rhodotus
X. schausi serenus
X. rothschildi
X. schreiteri
Xylophanes tersa tersa
Xylophanes thyelia
Xylophanes titana
Xylophanes tyndarus
Xylophanes undata

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It is also suspected that the following species may range into Bolivia:

Manduca viola-alba (B.P. Clark)
Manduca fosteri (Rothschild & Jordan, 1906)
Euryglottis albostigmata basalis Rothschild & Jordan, 1906)
Euryglottis davidianus Dognin, 1891
Neogene reevei (Druce, 1882)
Neogene carrerasi (Giacomelli, 1911)
Neogene curitiba Jones, 1908
Adhemarius eurysthenes (R.Felder, [1874])
Callionima falcifera falcifera (Gehlen, 1943)
Pachygonidia subhamata (Walker, 1856)
Perigonia leucopus Rothschild & Jordan, 1910
Nyceryx magna (Felder, 1874)
Nyceryx lunaris Jordan, 1912
Eupyrrhoglossum venustum Rothschild & Jordan, 1910
Aellopos clavipes (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903)
Xylophanes rufescens (Rothschild, 1894)
Xylophanes epaphus (Boisduval, 1875)
Xylophanes aristor (Boisduval 1870)
Xylophanes fosteri Rothschild & Jordan, 1906
Xylophanes haxairei (Cadiou, 1985)
Phanoxyla hystrix (Felder, 1875)
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