Updated as per personal communication with Ruth Koontz, (Manduca rustica larva, Selbyville, Sussex County, August 2005); August 2005
Updated as per personal communication with Debbie Hall (Manduca quinquemaculatus, Bethel, Sussex County, August 9, 2006, 7:30 pm); August 2006
Updated as per personal communication with Nicole Kovacs (Hemaris thysbe nectaring on lantana, July 10, 2007); July 2007
Updated as per James P. Tuttle's The Hawk Moths of North America, September 4, 2008
Updated as per personal communication with Sarah Rushing (Manduca sexta larva, Middletown, Sussex County, August 22, 2010); August 2010
Updated as per personal communication with David Moskowitz (Darapsa myron, South Bethany, August 2, 2011); June 13, 2012
Updated as per personal communication with Ruth Koontz (Agrius cingulata adult, Selbyville, Sussex County, September 12, 2012); September 14, 2012

The Sphingidae of Delaware

Manduca quinquemaculatus, Bethel, Sussex County, Delaware,
August 9, 2006, 7:30 pm, courtesy of Debbie Hall.

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Agrius cingulata, Selbyville, Sussex County, Delaware,
late summer stray, September 12, 2012, courtesy of Ruth Koontz.

Sphinginae subfamily

Sphingini Tribe:

Agrius cingulata stray
Ceratomia amyntor T
Ceratomia catalpae T
Ceratomia undulosa T
Dolba hyloeus T
Lapara bombycoides T
Lapara coniferarum T
Lintneria eremitus T
Manduca jasminearum Twwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Manduca quinquemaculatus T
Manduca rustica S 1/3
Manduca sexta T
Neococytius cluentius possible stray
Paratrea plebeja T
Sphinx chersis T
Sphinx drupiferarum T
Sphinx franckii T
Sphinx gordius T
Sphinx kalmiae T

Smerinthini Tribe:

Amorpha juglandis T
Pachysphinx modesta T
Paonias astylus T
Paonias excaecata T
Paonias myops T
Smerinthus jamaicensis T

Macroglossinae subfamily

Dilophonotini Tribe:mm

Hemaris diffinis T
Hemaris gracilis T
Hemaris thysbe T

Philampelini Tribe:mm

Eumorpha achemon T
Eumorpha pandorus T

Macroglossini Tribe:

Amphion floridensis T
Cautethia grotei stray
Darapsa choerilus
Darapsa myron
Darapsa versicolor
Deidamia inscriptum T
Hyles lineata T
Sphecodina abbottii T
Xylophanes tersa T

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Manduca rustica on sunflower, Selbyville, Sussex County, Delaware, courtesy of Ruth Koontz.

Ruth sent me the above image for confirmation of id. Since Manduca rustica is not listed on the USGS site for Delaware, we had some difficulties. Initially we both thought it to be Ceratomia undulosa, but the large size and foodplant did not seem to match. I sent the image to Jim Tuttle who wrote back, "It is Manduca rustica.... a very interesting foodplant record, but then again Manduca muscosa feeds on members of that plant family too in Costa Rica and Arizona."

Individual county checklists (adult moths): Counties will be completed as sightings arrive. Currently only those in red are active.

New Castle



Individual county checklists (larvae): Counties will be completed as sightings arrive. Currently only those in red are active.

New Castle



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Hemaris thysbe nectaring on lantana, July 10, 2007, courtesy of Nicole Kovacs.

Nicole Kovacs writes, "Thank goodness for your site. I described this insect to a neighbor and I think she thought I was losing my mind.

"We have almost daily visits to our deck planters by a clearwing hummingbird moth. We live in Delaware. The first sighting was in June, and still in July we are still seeing it. The first visit was on a red petunia hanging basket. But now in bloom are the yellow lantana to which it has been showing a preference."

Enjoy some of nature's wonderments, giant silk moth cocoons. These cocoons are for sale winter and fall. Beautiful Saturniidae moths will emerge the following spring and summer. Read Actias luna rearing article. Additional online help available.

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